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zathura: a space adventure

In 2005 film studio Columbia Pictures has made screening a fairy tale under the book zathura, written in 2002 Chris Van Allsburg, known to us on film "jumanji" (under the book jumanji written in 1981) and to a cartoon film " the polar express " ( under the book the polar express 1985). Chris Van Allsburg - the American writer and the scripter (as took a great interest in painting and a sculpture) Was born in 1949 in state of Michigans. Most likely creation of the book zathura, and in a consequence and film zathura, was served with popularity of the book and film jumanji, telling about an adventure of two children to which casually had to play old game. Where children trapped It is a lot of dangers and terrible animals from jungle. The book and film zathura safely can be named continuation of adventures jumanji, just now Children (two brothers) which have found old magic game in a cellar and have decided to play in it appeared deserted in open spaces of space, where having overcome set Dangers and adventures they need to get on a planet zathura that will come back home. For a way to a planet zathura, the meeting with monsters is necessary brothers, Astronauts, participation in galactic wars and many other things, that does(makes) a way to zathura very dangerous and difficult. Film zathura or jumanji in space zathura - space adventure was maked by director Jon Faverau on the company columbia pictures, the script have written John Kamps and David Koepp. Roles in film zathura: a space adventure have played Tim Robbins, Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shepard, Jonah Bobo and other actors. Now after an output of film zathura: a space adventure on screens in the Internet and especially in networks of an exchange of files p2p it is possible to download film, music and clips from it free-of-charge.

zathura: a space adventure

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As already became fashionable, together with an output on screens of film zathura: a space adventure in 2005, simultaneously with it, on pleasure to players, game was issued zathura, made on motives of the book and film in a genre 3D action, fantasy violence. In this game version of adventures from Chris Van Allsburg to you, playing For two brothers, it is necessary to struggle for a way on a planet zathura, having overcome a heap of dangers and having shown iron endurance and resource in Space adventures. Game zathura: a space adventure have issued for the game console xbox the companies 2K Games and High Voltage Software. Simultaneously with it versions of game for platforms PlayStation 2, PlayStation, Sony PSP, the computer and others prepare. In game zathura: a space adventure founders used all modern technologies that has made this game by the present gift To players of all world. Excellent the graphic, carefully drawn characters, sound effects and the music, well balanced plot. It is possible to tell safely That game zathura: a space adventure will occupy leading positions in 2006 among games in a genre 3d action. To download free-of-charge game and film zathura: a space adventure it is the best in a P2P networks (programs emule, edonkey), where players and Fans of adventures vary music, games and films.

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