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Star Wars Republic Commando

In game Star Wars Republic Commando cause the console for input of codes, having pressed a key a tilde (~)

ghost - you as a ghost may pass a code through walls
Code fly - flights without the help of engineering
Cheat a code thematulaaklives - you may not die
Code invisible - you the invisible being in game Star wars Republic Commando
teleport - moving from a place on a place
fierfek - boundless ammunition
Cheat a code darman - to pass(miss) a level of game Star wars Republic Commando
allweapons - full arms
The code smiteevil - kills all enemies, taking place beside
lamasu - all missions of game Star wars Republic Commando are accessible

Star Wars Republic Commando

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Company Lucas Arts so liked to make games about star wars, that after an exit of game Star wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 The following part of star battles and action under a name Star wars Republic Commando has left. In this part of intergalactic battles to you It is necessary to find pass to base of the enemy in a difficult labyrinth of catacombs on planet Geonosis. Game Star wars Republic Commando, consists from Several game missions which have on three four levels for passage. Probably some levels of game Star wars Republic Commando Will seem to you too difficult and you can not pass them without the help then you may take advantage a cheat of codes for passage of game. If you Want to play in this part of star wars, but you do not have opportunity to buy a disk with game, you may, having established the program edonkey or emule free-of-charge To download Star wars Republic Commando through networks, or to download game on several sites in the Internet.

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