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Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic

In the text editor open a file swkotor.ini , laying in a folder with game Star wars Knights of The Old Republic, and under line Game Options write:
save a file may start game
Now during game Star wars Knights of The Old Republic you may cause the console for input of codes, having pressed on the keyboard of the computer a key A tilde (~)

health - restoration of health
turbo - turbo speed
invulnerability - invulnerability
restartminigame - to load pass game
revealmap - having pressed a key "M" will open a map
addlevel - to add a level
givemed - to receive the small first-aid set
giveitem - to receive a subject
giverepair - to receive the big first-aid set
givecredits ** - ** credits (any figures from 10 up to 99)
givesitharmour - full protection
infiniteuses - a never-ending ammunition
whereami - to show on a map a site

Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic

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Sensation in the game world of 2003 became an output of the new game version of star wars game Star wars Knights of The Old Republic, practically At once behind the English version of star wars players of Russia have met the version of game translated on Russian. In new continuation of fight for a galaxy jedi almost all have died out and there were the most proof as the place of the leader of a galaxy and it has become empty, under the law of a genre try to occupy everyones Bad persons. And you to the hero of star wars as always should struggle for the truth and validity. In this part of games star wars. Founders Games have applied a new cursor and in a leg with development of computers have improved to the graphic, sound effects and game opportunities. Game Star wars Knights of The Old Republic distinguish the greater choice of opportunities and more difficult game missions, a number of missions of this version from early versions Star wars to pass very difficultly and here we will be useful to you a cheat codes for this game. Now this game except for disks free-of-charge can be downloaded from lines of sites and Programs of type emule, but it is necessary to remember that it you break the copyright. But without dependence from that you have bought or have downloaded game in the Internet, This part of wars among stars " Star wars Knights of The Old Republic " will deliver the fan of military strategy a sheer pleasure.

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