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During game sims cause a cheat the console on keys: "CTRL+SHIFT+C" also apply codes

klapaucius - to receive 1000 dollars in game sims
water-tool - a cheat the code allows to surround the house with water
set-hour X - to choose hour of day (instead of X any hour 1-24) at game sims
grow-grass X - the code allows to bring up a cheat about a house (instead of X from 1-small up to a 150-thricket)
map-edit on/off - an opportunity of change of a game map for game sims
route-balloons on/off - the code includes a cheat or switches off a mode of training
edit-char - a cheat the code allows to change the sim
move-object - moving of subjects to game sims
prepare-lot - a cheat the code allows to repair the broken subject


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Game sims from the company electronic arts in a genre of simulators has left in January, 2003. Playing sims to you it is necessary to pass the human life, living In loneliness or in family. You may choose any trade for the sim and should try, that he was healthy, happy, formed and had There is enough money for purchase necessary for life in sims things. Beginning game sims you choose one sim or the whole family, settle In liked house or build own. sims you free-of-charge may download this version of game in the Internet on a number of game sites. As for Free-of-charge to download various sims, including music from game and are accessible to a melody to mobile phones from game sims. Except for that all Files of game sims (game, music, clips, screenshots, subjects of use) free can be downloaded in the networks named p2p.
For example the link on free to download games sims, programs edonkey or emule


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