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sims vacation

Having begun game sims vacation, all over again simultaneously press keys "CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C" on the keyboard and enter a cheat codes in appeared console

klapaucius - a cheat the code gives 1000 dollars in sims vacation
water-tool - the house of the sim becomes island
set-hour X - a cheat the code allows to choose time of day in sims vacation (a format 24 hours)
set-speed X - speed of course of game sims vacation ("-1000" - very low, "+1000" - the fastest)
autonomy X - the cheat a code is defined on how many by your sim thinks of itself (value from 0 up to 100)
grow-grass X - speed of cultivation of a herb on a lawn (values X from 0 up to 150)
map-edit on/off - the given cheat the code in game sims vacation allows to edit maps on/off
!: - recurrence of last a cheat of a code in game sims vacation

sims vacation

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Game sims vacation the next part of popular game sims from the known companies, founders of computer and console games, maxis and electronic arts. As well as all parts of game sims vacation it is defined by the unique plot, this time your sims in game sims vacation are sent to have a rest. Depending on your choice, your sim in sims vacation actively may have a rest on a mountain-skiing resort, on a warm golden beach or will go to a wood, To fish on silent wood lake, will hunt or simply to admire vicinities. Due to good graphics and to a soundtrack, rest in To game sims vacation becomes very interesting. For example in the vacation spot chosen you in sims vacation you may will lodge or in already constructed hotel Or to construct own to your taste and on the best place. Many musical compositions from sims vacation and other versions sims now very much Are popular for use on mobile phones and on many game sites, and it is especial in networks P2P, you, having taken advantage of the program emule (or edonkey), may download free and listen on the mobile phone. In the same place, it is a little having looked, you can download sims vacation, other versions sims, and as Screenshots, photos, different useful programs, video clips and many other things completely free.

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