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sims superstar

Having started game sims superstar press on the keyboard of the computer of a key "CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C" and in the console which have appeared a cheat may type codes:

klapaucius - a cheat the code gives in sims superstar one thousand dollars
water-tool - makes the house surrounded by water as island
set-hour X - a cheat a code for a choice of hour of day (X = from 1 up to 24)
set-speed X - speed of game sims superstar (X = from "-1000" up to "+1000")
grow-grass X - growth rate of a herb at a house in sims superstar (X = from 0 up to 150)
map-edit on/off - a cheat the code allows to edit maps
!: Repeats last entered code in sims superstar.

sims superstar

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Game sims superstar one more part of a popular simulator of life sims from the companies maxis and electronic arts. This time to you, playing sims superstar, it is necessary to rotate in the environment of show of business and to make of your sim a star of TV, a platform or other spheres. If your sim Constantly visits an exercise room and a beauty salon in sims superstar he has more than chances to communicate with other game characters which Influence development of show of stars. Make the way to star heights, but remember the have above flied up, the is more sick to fall. To download game sims superstar, as well as others Games from a series sims, you may free in the Internet or in a P2P networks for which the establishment on the computer of the program edonkey or emule is necessary, created specially for users that they might exchange files necessary. In the same place you may download free Music and video from game sims superstar, melodies for mobile phones, and as other games and many other things.

The link free to download sims superstar through the program emule

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