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We cause a cheat the console simultaneous pressing of buttons "CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C" and we receive an opportunity to enter codes:

rosebud - a cheat the code gives one thousand dollars in game sims hot date
autonomy X - a level of thinking of sims (instead of X parameters from a 1-low level up to a 100-maximum level)
sim-speed X - speed of moving of sims in game sims hot date (X from 1 up to 1000)
game-speed X - a cheat the code changes speed of current of game (the above parameter X faster, the seconds tick)

For reception of a lot of dollars in game sims hot date for once, all over again it is necessary to print a cheat a code for reception of thousand dollars and To add in the end a mark of recurrence of a code (!) which it is possible to repeat some time, dividing(sharing) a cheat codes it is familiar (;), in the end it is necessary to put Any figure or the letter that the code was not erased. For example having typed a cheat a code in game sims hot date: rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; 1 - you receive not one thousand dollars, and ten thousand

As you may use the loved music at game sims hot date, for this purpose it is necessary to you in a folder with game sims to find a directory "Music" and to begin to rock There the files which should be in mp3 a format

sims hot date

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Game sims hot date a part from a series of games about life of sims from the company electronic arts also is a simulator of human life. It is necessary you in game sims hot date to live the life, the character chosen you. As well as in usual life you eat, sleep, go to walk, play games, shop on The earned money, in general life of one person or the whole family in the virtual world where each your action defines a course of game sims hot date. You on the account have some of money on which you start life in sims hot date. Buy the ready house or an apartment, or Construct the new house, be reserved by necessary things and try that well-being of your sim was up to the mark. Health and life The sim directly depend on quality of food used by him and lifestyle in game sims hot date. For an opportunity to play a casino in sims hot date, to you All over again it is necessary to construct it on the money to have all pleasures and to not limit itself in means, you may take advantage a cheat Codes for game sims hot date which may give additional money and many other things for the help of passage of game sims. To download game sims hot date It is possible in a P2P networks and on a number of game sites in the Internet free. Besides game on many sites it is possible to download music and melodies from game sims hot date for the mobile phone. By our experience it is the easiest to find game, music and clips from game sims hot date in a P2P networks and to download Game sims hot date programs for to begin to rock emule, edonkey various versions.

Archive with game sims hot date on the computer for free to download in the emule.


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sims hot date
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