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sims 2 university

During game sims 2 university press "CTRL+SHIFT+C" for a call of the game console. Then enter the following codes:

Motherlode - a cheat the code gives fifty thousand dollars
Kaching - gives one thousand dollars in sims 2 university
Moveobjects on/off - the code includes a cheat or switches off moving objects
Aging on/off - includes or switches off changes of age of sims in sims 2 university
StretchSkeleton - a cheat the code changes growth of sims
deleteAllCharacters - all sims vanish from the screen in sims 2 university

sims 2 university

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Remember the student's years? Or want to learn that this such - how to study in institute, to live in a hostel, to go constantly hungry, but cheerful. Then sims 2 university is a game created specially for you on motives of life of students. Parties, little girls - hooligans, eternal problems about, where To earn money for cheerful life of the student - all this expects you and your sim in sims 2 university. Created as well as game sims in a genre of a simulator of life Persons in sims 2 university you should pass years of training in college together with the sim, overcoming together with him all sorrows and pleasures Student. Authors sims 2 university, as well as the previous versions of game, are the companies maxis and electronic, which, having applied all newest Development in the world of games, have made the world 3D graphics in game sims 2 university very realistic and interesting. A plenty of game characters and Very realistic landscapes and interiors in game sims 2 university, beautiful both original music and sound effects, all this has made many players From all world devoted admirers of game sims 2 university and other versions of adventures of yours sims. Authors of game, having used dream of many people To create the world, let and virtual, were not mistaken, all versions of game sims as well as sims 2 university have got huge amount of players of admirers In the different countries, also this was promoted by that that game sims 2 university not only on computers, but also practically on all games consoles , Such as xbox, playstation 2, gameboy, PSP and gamecube. very fashionably and popularly began to use the grown fond melodies and a picture from game sims 2 university on the mobile phones as to download them as well as game sims 2 university it is possible free in a P2P networks, having put on The computer the small and free program such as emule.

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