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sims 2 nightlife

During game sims 2 nightlife press keys "CTRL+SHIFT+C" to cause a cheat the console and type a cheat codes:

aging on/off - the code disconnects a cheat or allows changes of age of sims in sims 2 nightlife
deleteallcharacters - a cheat the code clears the seen screen of all present
faceblendlimits on/off - a cheat the code does(makes) children similar to parents or disconnects this mode
kaching - adds 1000 dollars in the family budget (not in your real, and in virtual in sims 2 nightlife)
motherlode - a cheat the code adds 50000 dollars in the family budget
moveobjects on/off - a cheat a code of disconnect or inclusion of an opportunity to move all subjects, including sims
exit - an exit from the game console in sims 2 nightlife

sims 2 nightlife

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As soon as at players of the world continuation sims, a popular simulator of human life, under the name sims 2 then they have received has appeared and Branches of this game. One of such parts refers to as sims 2 nightlife where the plot is based on life of sims in night city. In game sims 2 nightlife you may To visit on the most noisy and cheerful night discoteques, to play in gambles in a casino, to visit set of night restaurants and bars, and as To appoint romantic appointments under the moon. sims 2 nightlife is life of your sim in the big city at night. Many new characters, excellent 3D The graphic, music and as love of players to creation of the virtual world, have deduced game sims 2 nightlife on the first positions among the list of the most popular Games of the world. Game sims 2 nightlife, is issued for the computer and various game consoles such as playstation 2, PSP, gamecube, xbox and others. To buy sims 2 nightlife it is possible on disks in an online shops. For who does not have opportunity to buy game sims 2 nightlife, by virtue of any reasons, exists A number the Internet of resources where it is possible to download sims 2 nightlife free. For example having used the program emule different versions you may will be connected to To servers a P2P of networks where the voluntary and free exchange of various files (video, music, games, programs etc.) is conducted. Before To play sims 2 nightlife, remember, that it is designed for age than twelve years as contains some elements erotic, connected with life are more senior Night city.

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