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At game Quake press a key tilde (~) for a call of the console in which it is possible enters a cheat codes

The cheat a code " map HIPE (number - sequence) M (number - map) " enables transition to any level of game Quake
For example to get on last level it is necessary to type " map HIPE R2M8 ".

cheat code " impulse 200 " - gives Wetsuit for the hero of game Quake
code "fly" - enables to fly in game Quake
cheat code "god" - gives in game Quake immortality
cheat "noclip" - enables to pass a code through walls
cheat code "notarget" - does hero Quake invisible
code "kill" - allows to kill itself (at whom not everything is all right with a head)


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Game quake is 3D online Shooter from the company " id Software ", left in 1996 under management Ms-Dos. At that time game quake began the first, where beginnings To be used completely new 3D a cursor giving to virtual events quite realistic pictures. Players playing Doom on advantage Have estimated this new game in a genre shooting. Quake - the code name of armies of sweat - foreign evil spirits, which with the help of a gate between the parallel worlds Have penetrated to people that them to destroy and take hold of their world. To you, in game quake, it is necessary to battle in loneliness to armadas of enemies and to expel them From the world or to destroy completely. Almost at once after the debut in the Internet sites where free-of-charge it is possible to download quake as have appeared Game, and keys, maps, patches, music to it. Most of all opportunities for to download quake, other games, films, music and other in p2p (peer to peer) Networks, programs are necessary for work with which emule or edonkey. In the Internet there are some servers. Where it is possible to battle in quake an online together With friends. Now exists a little quake clans (commands) between which pass the championships on game quake.

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