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Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Secrets and cheat codes in game Prince of Persia sand of time allow to find the hidden surprises and to get in a confidential room behind bonuses.
For input a cheat of codes you should have two connected controllers (1 and 2). Start game Prince of Persia sand of time and being on a balcony Press and keep on the second controller button "B", into same time for the first controller enter: A, B, Y, X, Y, A, B, X.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

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Prince of Persia - new games for the computer

Adventures of courageous prince of persia have not left indifferent and company Ubisoft Montreal, specializing on release of games for computers and Game consoles which in 2003 has issued the version of an arcade about adventures of prince persia under the name Prince of Persia sand of time. As company Ubisoft Montreal together with company Akela has issued the Russian version about adventures of prince of persia. New game Prince of Persia sand of time Distinguishes from the previous versions good 3D a cursor, interesting musical registration and beautiful the graphic. In this game the set is necessary prince of persia The heavy tests connected to overcoming of dangers and battle with enemies. For fights prince of persia may choose and find some kinds The weapon. Prince of Persia sand of time have taken part in game the new characters created by imagination of company Ubisoft. Game Prince of Persia sand of time Consists of several game missions which to you should be overcome. Now, after two years from the moment of release of game about prince of persia, in the Internet There are many sites where free-of-charge it is possible to download game Prince of Persia sand of time, musical video clips and music from game and as it is possible To find and download java game prince of persia for the mobile phone and to present the mobile phone a new melody from this, becoming popular, games about Adventures of prince from far persia. Game prince of persia sand of time is focused first of all on games hookups: playstation (ps), playstation2, xbox and others.

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