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Prince of Persia 3D

Application a cheat of a code to game Prince of Persia 3D: during game pressing of keys Alt+Ctrl+Del will allow to escape from coming opponents quickly

Prince of Persia 3D

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In process of development and perfection of computer technologies, programmers matured also. That in 1999 has resulted in creation of game Prince of Persia 3D Company Broderbund Software. In this version of prince of persia the programmers who have grown fond of this game from the childhood, have recreated adventures of prince persia in Three-dimensional space (3D). Unfortunately having forgotten thus to recover unfortunate jafar. Basically game Prince of Persia 3D is reduced to training The future acrobats also trains skills of the player in jumps and to get on various roofs of buildings. It was the beginning of games with use 3d graphics, So the plot has departed on the second plan and as a result it game Prince of Persia 3D, issued in a genre of an arcade, special distribution has not received. The basic danger to the player in Prince of Persia 3D make: palace the guard, hired the murderer and dirigabler, among friends as before She is princess. Also in game Prince of Persia 3D new characters, such as assan and ragnor have appeared. And last has occurred to founders of game Obviously not from east fairy tales, and faster from ill dreams of the inveterate player. Prince of Persia 3D now is accessible for to download, as a rule Free-of-charge on some sites and as collections of disks, is more often piracy. Sometimes you may meet accessible for to download melodies from Prompts to this version of adventures of prince from persia.

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Prince of Persia 3D
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