the matrix

the matrix


matrix In 1999 directors Larry and Andy Wachowski on film studio Warner Bros. with the budget of 65 million dollars took off world sensation film the Matrix in a genre of a fantasy. In film there was a story about the beginning of struggle of mankind and computers. Leaging roles in film a matrix have played:
Role of the protagonist of film matrix Neo actor Keanu Reeves
has played Role Morpheus in a matrix has played Laurence Fishburne
Trinity has played on the screen of matrix Carrie-Anne Moss
Agent Smith has played Hugo Weaving
Fascinating plot, good production, magnificent shootings film a matrix has subdued hearts of millions and has made good profit to his(its) founders. That, in turn, has given a push to creation of continuation of film a matrix reloaded and was an occasion for creation by companies Interactive and Sega In cooperation with Warner Bros. games matrix online. Game a matrix was created basically for PC and for command game in a mode of an online.

matrix reloaded

matrix reloaded Admirers of a matrix in 2003 have waited occurrences of the second series of the trilogy matrix reloaded, in which directors Wachowski and By the former command of actors it was told about continuation of war of machines in person Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) and people under leadership Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). Film matrix reloaded as in a genre of a fantasy with special effects, very much Convincingly tells to us about boundless opportunities of the computer and the person. Simultaneously with it (May, 2003) the company atari and Studio Warner Bros. Have issued game for game consoles (playstation, PS2, xbox, gameboy) and computers under the name enter the matrix

matrix revolution

matrix revolution As in 2003, to huge pleasure of admirers of a matrix, on screens the third part of the trilogy from brothers Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski has left matrix revolution in which grown fond hero Neo continues struggle for rescue of mankind from the enslaver in the person The computer program, working with hands of robots and Agent Smith with assistants. Approximately from same time was begun with work on release The third part of game a matrix under the name: The Matrix: Path of Neo , Release of game in sale the company Atari the beginnings in 2005 and game The Matrix: Path of Neo it is designed for game consoles PlayStation 2, Xbox and the computer. Where as well as in film a matrix to you in the person Neo it is necessary to pass a hard way for the right to refer to as as favorites. To a number of games a matrix on our site you will find codes, descriptions, Opportunity free-of-charge to download games and many other things.

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