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The cheat of codes for game of a line does not exist. Balls is the logic game designed only on your sharpness. Basically for game in a line it is possible To advise to watch closely appearing color balls, almost in all versions of game of a line there is what help of color balls will appear On a game field after your course. As at game balls try to not give the computer to hammer balls any corner or the side of a game field, In time collecting balls in color lines for their disappearance. One more advice for game in a line is that it is not necessary to try to make a line Color spheres over five pieces.

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Practically right after occurrences of the personal computers having color monitors, development of games began from users of computers. One of the first, created games, safely it is possible to name the game of a line known as under names: balls, color lines and others. Lines (balls) many companies were engaged in development of various versions of game, but the greatest popularity in Russia from the beginning of the ninetieth years have received The version of game of a line from the company gamos ltd. which in 1992 has issued game balls. Above the graphic of this version of lines Igor Ivkin and Gennady Denisov worked, at participation of programmer Olga Demina. Later, in 1998, this version of game in balls has received the second life with an output on screens of monitors Computers under the name lines 98. Approximately in same time in the Internet many versions of game of a line have appeared, beginning from the most simple With very poor the graphic, up to modern balls in 3D a format. Rules of game at construction of lines from color balls in various versions were Different, classical it is considered construction of a direct line from balls of one color, in more modern versions of game in balls there are rules, Where it is necessary to construct figures of balls (squares, triangles), broken lines. This game under the name balls and lines therefore may be known. In the English variant this game as has some names - lines, balls, creasy balls, color lines and others. Later, versions of this classical, grown fond To many people in the world, games in balls (lines) have appeared for game consoles sony playstation, xbox, playstation 2. Now many sites offer free-of-charge To download game of a line and many versions of balls of an online as you may find versions of game of a line on disks with collections of logic games.

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