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The plot and success of film and books about King Kong long time did not give rest to many directors of the world and as a result in 2005 group of the director Peter Jackson, Known for all on film the lord of the rings, has make in New Zealand and has released the version of a history about huge monkey King Konge. Technologies The modern computer have allowed in film King Kong is realistic to embody on the screen of various monsters of epoch of dinosaurs. The plot of film is constructed on To the script of the old known for all of film king kong. In roles of a modern history about the monstrous ape king kong and a beauty were:
Adrien Brody - Jack Driscoll
Andy Serkis - King Kong Lumpy the Cook
Naomi Watts - Ann Darrow
Jack Black - Carl Denham
Jamie Bell - Jimmy
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king kong peter jackson

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As now became already fashionable, on each new film in a genre of a fairy tale, a fantasy and adventures, simultaneously with an exit of film, sometimes even Outstripping, game for computers and game consoles on a plot of film and the book is created. It has taken place and with new film king kong. The French company the manufacturer of games Ubisoft, owns 20 which percents of actions the manufacturer of games company Electronic Arts, has issued game for The computer and game consoles such as playstation, xdox, gameboy, psp and others under the name: king kong peter jackson's. Above game about king kong the group under a management Michel Ansel (company French Team) worked. Under the information from various sources creation Games king kong has costed in 20 million dollars. 3D graphic in game peter jackson's king kong cursor Jade operates. Also together with Russian company engaged in release of games the Russian version of game peter jackson's king kong.
is prepared plot of game king kong is under construction on a plot of the book and film. On imagination of authors, on island of skulls where kinds of the animal huge sizes were kept From times of dinosaurs including ape king kong, on behalf of Jack Driskoll or who is the supporter "green", on behalf of king kong it is necessary to you take action for the right of possession the girl. In game king kong you may battle to dinosaurs, natives and other evil spirits arms, beginning from darts Natives and finishing the advanced kinds of the weapon. In several game missions of game peter jackson's king kong you need to remain alive, unfortunately a cheat of codes to help you with it, While is not present. But already now it is possible to download cinema and game peter jackson's king kong free-of-charge in the Internet. As you at desire free-of-charge may download demo the version of a fairy tale about king kong.


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