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That in game half life (hl) it was possible to shoot using a sniper sight on any kind of the weapon, you should: to take the weapon, from which you Want to shoot in half life to keep game, further take crossbow (on which the sight is established) and having pressed the right key of a mousy for an aiming load The kept game.

Inclusion a cheat of codes in game half life (hl)
Start game half life in a mode /-dec - toconsole/
Further having pressed a key a tilde (~) in appeared the console enter a word /sv-cheats 1/, for inclusion a cheat of codes and press a key "ENTER"
After that anew start game half life (hl)

Now during game having pressed a key a tilde you may enters a cheat codes

/god - a cheat the code includes in game half life invulnerability
/notarget - a cheat a code giving on the part of the enemy full ignoring of you
/impulse 101 - a cheat the code gives all accessible weapon and an ammunition to it(him)
/noclip - a cheat the code allows to go through walls in game half life (hl)
The following cheat a code for game half life enables to receive any subject in game hl
/give XXX - for reception of a subject parameter XXX replace with any word from the list of subjects given below for game half life (hl)

weapon-tripmine, weapon-hornetgun, item-airtank, item-antidote, ранец weapon-satchel, weapon-shotgun, item-battery, item-healthkit, weapon-glock, weapon-handgrenade, item-longjump, item-security, weapon-python, weapon-rpg, item-sodacan, item-suit, weapon-9mmar, weapon-9mmhandgun, ammo-357, ammo-9mmar, weapon-egon, weapon-gauss, ammo-9mmbox, ammo-9mmclip, ammo-mp5clip, ammo-mp5grenades, ammo-argrenades, патроны ammo-buckshot, weapon-crossbow, weapon-crowbar, ammo-crossbow, ammo-egonclip, ammo-rpgclip, weapon-357, ammo-gaussclip, ammo-glockclip, weapon-mp5, weapon-snark

half life - hl

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In far 1998 company Valve Software started release of game half life from a genre action and shooter, in this 3D shooter on one person to you As well as in well-known games such as doom or quake it is necessary to battle for the place under the sun. The plot of game half life is fastened on the hero the scientist Gordone Frimene Which battles to aliens who try to grasp the ground, and game was so qualitatively made that for the history is Some kind of the leader in a genre of games of adventures and shooter. Also the success of game half life was very much helped by that founders of game besides excellent game with style shooter have given half life a good plot and development of game in a genre action. Valve Software has enclosed many forces and talents in the graphic and sound registration of game half life, that in result, besides a great demand, has helped with development of continuation of game and an output of an online of the version of game hl. Now after it is so much years From the moment of an output on light half life, exists 5 versions of game (including the first with the improved cursor). On sale at once the package as a rule is sold From several disks with versions of game half life. Besides it there are many sites where you may download game half life and its versions free-of-charge, as there Give a key for start of an online of versions half life or you may download game half life in networks p2p free-of-charge having taken advantage of programs Such as emule or edonkey


Now game half life is and in Russian variant from the company of a buka and at the end of 2005 the output new is planned Very beautiful and interesting version half life2 in Russian variant.

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