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Rename a shortcut of start of game half life retribution having added at the end of a file mp.exe words -game retribution-dev-console-game gearbox
It will enable you to enter a cheat codes in console (a key a tilde) during game half life retribution

Cheat code god - for invulnerability of your hero in game half life retribution
Cheat code impulse 101 - for reception of an ammunition and the weapon, accessible in game half life retribution
Cheat code sv-gravityX - gravitation, where X replace with parameter from 0 (there is no gravitation) up to 800 (the maximal gravitation)

half life retribution - hl

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Game half life retribution one more version popular all over the world 3D adventures of game half life, on all to the grown fond character Gordonu Frimenu where again Struggle against natives of space is necessary. The given part of adventures with shooting, was in Russian issued by company Fargus and Sierra in 2003 and in this Versions the player may be at war for John Bejli of one more character from half life retribution. Our hero in half life retribution may choose from the weapon Beginning from a wrench and finishing super the modern laser. If you will have difficulties with getting the weapon or with passage half life retribution you always may take advantage a cheat of codes from our site. Probably, taking into account high quality, to the graphic, sound Effects and fascinating plot in game half life retribution are more correct to name it a level from half life, instead of independent game. Also, as well as one Not so good moment consists that if you want to download free half life retribution you also need to download and game half life, and differently this game level will not go. The truth now to download half life retribution and the basic part half life it is possible in many places, In the same place there are also keys for start of game. The most probable and quiet way it to download half life retribution in p2p networks where it is the easiest To find these versions of game, and at the same time both clips and music from game half life. For download games, music and screenshots half life retribution in ?2? programs edonkey or emule will be necessary for you.

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