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For input a cheat of codes to game half life opposing force you should start game in a special mode
All over again rename an entrance shortcut of game half life opposing force, having added in the end (behind expansion of a file) parameter -dev-console-game gearbox.
If the entrance file refers to as for example half.exe that now it should look so: half.exe-dev-console-game gearbox
Now during game half life opposing force enter the console, having pressed a key a tilde (~) and may enter a cheat codes

impulse 101 - a cheat a code for reception of all available weapon and an ammunition
/god - a cheat a code giving to your hero invulnerability at game half life opposing force
/noclip - the code allows to fly and pass a cheat through walls
/map_XXX - a cheat a code for change of a map - where XXX this name of the map necessary to you (names of maps may look in the description of game half life blue shift)
/give weapon_X - a cheat a code giving any weapon to replace X with the name of the weapon (it can be looked in the description half life)

half life opposing force - hl

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In 2000 company Gearbox Software, the developer of computer games, together with the companies valve and sierra, have issued a new part of game hl, Also in a genre 3D shooter under the name half life opposing force. In this new part authors of games have paid the big attention a plot of game, where physics gordon freeman it is necessary not only to be at war with monsters but also to think a head. As in this part half life opposing force he has friends, Which sometimes help our hero, even the presence at heavy war with aliens. Mission gordon freeman in this part half life, Due to a good cursor in game half life opposing force, looks it is very realistic and to play this version shooter very interestingly. For those to whom passage of game half life opposing force delivers many problems, we gave a cheat codes which will facilitate your task, and also on a number of sites In the Internet you not only may download free-of-charge game half life opposing force but also read advice on passage of game Half-Life: Opposing Force . As it is possible to find and download music and clips from this version half life. It is the best to search for to download and download for game half life opposing force in networks p2p where there is an exchange of games between players


At any variant, you have bought a disk with game half life opposing force or have downloaded on free in the Internet, this part half life will deliver to you a lot of pleasure At passage of game as the companies, authors of this game have tried on glory creating a plot, sound effects and game opposing force

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