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For an opportunity to enter a cheat codes it is necessary to start game half life blue shift in a mode /-console /
After that, having started game, press a key a tilde (~), enter /sv-cheats 1/ and press key ENTER
Anew start game and again having pressed a key a tilde (~) enter a cheat codes for game half life blue shift

cheat code god - gives a mode of invulnerability
cheat code notarget - gives invisibility for enemies in game half life blue shift
cheat code noclip - for an opportunity to go through walls
cheat code impulse 101 - gives in game half life blue shift all accessible weapon with an ammunition
cheat code sv-gravity XXX - changes gravitation instead of XXX enter figures from 0 up to 800
cheat code sv-accelerate XX - density of air instead of XX value from 0 up to 10
cheat code skill X - X change on 1 - an easy level, 2 - average, 3 - a difficult level in game half life blue shift
cheat code map XXX - allows to replace a map with anyone available in game half life blue shift

Instead of XXX write the name of a map on which you want to play
ba-canal ( 1-3 )
ba-yard ( 1-5 )
ba-xen ( 1-6 )
ba-hazard ( 1-6 )
ba-tram ( 1-3 )
ba-teleport ( 1-2 )
ba-security ( 1-2 )
ba-power ( 1-2 )
Where instead of X replace with one figure in game half life blue shift

half life blue shift - hl

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Continuation of adventures, only instead of physics gordon freeman, policeman Barney Calhoon in game half life blue shift from company Valve Software and company Sierra in a genre 3D Action. This game safely can be named a clone of popular game half life in which, except for change of a character and places where there is a war to monsters, Anything new especially is not present. Slightly facilitates a task that initially there is a weapon and it is not necessary to beat by hands and legs. The graphic in game half life blue shift It is executed enough not bad, the subject line too is present therefore it is possible to waste time on pass of game half life blue shift once. Game half life blue shift Goes under the control of all Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME and does not demand the modern computer, these parameters Pentium II 233MHz quite suffice. Now This version half life is included practically always into structure of disks with game half life or she(it) free-of-charge can be downloaded in the Internet or the P2P networks where exists is a lot of Places for free-of-charge to download, for example the link to gallop of game by programs such as emule or edonkey


As in the Internet there are many places where you free-of-charge may download photos, music and clips from game half life blue shift. More interesting Now it is possible to name the moment an output half life 2 at the end of 2005 where founders of game have really tried, having made a hit of a season.

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half life blue shift

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