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As well as in all games half life for input a cheat of codes it is necessary to start game half life 2 with special parameters - the fastest way it to make- To rename a shortcut of game half life 2, having added after expansion of a file a phrase -applaunch-dev-tconsole
So if the file of game half life 2 refers to as hl2.exe you should rename it on hl2.exe-applaunch-dev-tconsole
After that during game half life 2 cause the console and type a cheat codes

Cheat code of removal - cl_drawhud
On the screen only physical objects - vcollide_wireframe 1
Usual map in half life 2 - mat_normalmaps 1
To switch off a map- mat_fastnobump 0
To remove all weapon from the screen - impulse 200
cheat code will give in half life 2 mode of the god - god
cheat code will give in half life 2 mode of immortality - buddha
cheat code will give in hl 2 strengthens action of a costume - infinite_aux_power or sv_infinite_aux_power
cheat code will give in half life 2 all weapon - impulse 101
cheat code will give in hl 2 to kill all enemies on the screen - npc_kill
Mode of invisibility - notarget
cheat code will give in half life 2 walks through walls - noclip

half life 2 - hl 2

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November, 16, 2004 players of America could see new game on a basis hl under the name half life 2, is practically instant this game has subdued Hearts of players of all world and the beginning to be in the lead in tops popularity of games. Founders of game half life 2 known company Valve in commonwealth with Vivendi Universal Games have created absolutely new version of genre Shooter well familiar to us for one player. In game half life 2 all newest are applied Achievements at creation of computer games, having given to the new version half life magnificent effects and the realness, the new version of game also at once began Prepares for release to the players playing on game consoles. In it game half life 2 was made with the efforts: company Electronic Arts for Consoles Xbox game half life 2 was published in November, 2005, company Valve for PlayStation 3 in the given variant game half life 2 is planned to To output on middle of 2006. Such attention to game half life 2 explains that in game unique the graphic with very detailed portrayal of characters, The excellent sound registration made by professional actors. Also in game half life 2 founders have shown considerable sharpness and talent, Thinking out a new subject line to adventures Freeman which have made game half life 2 hit of 2005. New monsters have added to To game, except for necessary for logic at the player for passage of levels half life 2, also sensation of a thriller which does the player by the "real" participant Occurbing events. Now in the Internet except for screenshots, the opportunity to download free-of-charge game half life 2 and codes for its activation has appeared. Especially It is convenient to do it in a P2P networks where many players in the world spread music for an exchange, video and games, including to game half life 2. Links for free-of-charge to download the Russian version half life 2 programs emule or edonkey in networks p2p

disk half life 2 - 1
ed2k://|file|Half-Life-2-Russian-FULL-All-fix-by-SHRiKE.part1.rar|734003200|1FBACBAA9CDA5D8137254334768BE486|/ disk half life 2 - 2
ed2k://|file|Half-Life-2-Russian-FULL-All-fix-by-SHRiKE.part2.rar|734003200|20B6DA839262ED6B7204618F7B3AEDDD|h=TO6YUYCM6V4QDKXDF3A7D2KJGPJY7PKI|/ disk half life 2 - 3
ed2k://|file|Half-Life-2-Russian-FULL-All-fix-by-SHRiKE.part3.rar|687822146|AAD4F6051B30B0470E0D45FAEF053375|/ patch half life 2

The size of all disks with game Half Life 2 - 700+700+655 Mb + patch

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