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During game gta (grand theft auto) for input a cheat of codes open the console (a key a tilde on the keyboard of the computer)

itsgallus - a cheat the code opens all levels
itstantrum - a cheat the code gives never-ending lifes
stevesmates - game gta (grand theft auto) passes without participation of police
iamthelaw - to play for police in game gta
hate machine - a cheat the code increases ten times your glasses
suckmyrocket - a cheat a code for reception of all subjects
itcouldbeyou - one million dollars on your account in game gta (grand theft auto)

In game gta (grand theft auto) it is possible to not apply to reception of a lot of money the cheat codes, is enough to put machines (within the limits of the screen) densely To each other and to blow up extreme. The blown up machine gives money and all other machines blowing up on to chain reaction increase your capital in game gta.

GTA - grand theft auto

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Game gta (grand theft auto) an automobile simulator from a genre of logic games in which you not simply should drive by machines as in the Formula One and rally, and To carry out the tasks connected to stealing of machines and to earn on it money (for transition to the following level of game gta it is necessary for you to collect The certain sum of money on the account). Game gta (grand theft auto), issued by company DMA Design in 1998, demands of player of skill to think logically And quickly to react to difficult situations. The plot of game gta (grand theft auto) is based on an antagonism of two parties - on the one hand you break the law, Steal expensive machines and sell them, on the other hand policemen try to you in it to prevent. A dynamical plot game gta (grand theft auto) at once Has won hearts and minds of admirers of games from a genre action logic, that has resulted in occurrence of the subsequent versions gta. Now, for interested persons to participate In races the thief and police, free-of-charge it is possible to download game gta (grand theft auto) on many sites of the Internet. As you may download free-of-charge music, video, Screenshots and other versions of game gta (grand theft auto). It is more than opportunities for free-of-charge downloads games, films and other in networks named peer to peer (P2P) where users of programs such as edonkey and emule exchange files among themselves (you to me - I to you). In networks p2p you may To download any version gta (grand theft auto) both for the computer and for game consoles, only do not overlook to prepare files (game, music or video) For an exchange.



It is link for to download archives with game gta (grand theft auto) for the computer.

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GTA - grand theft auto
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