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IDDQD The cheat code gives impregnably in game doom, repeated input of a code switches off invulnerability
IDFA a code for reception of any weapon and an ammunition to it(him)
IDKFA a cheat code gives as the weapon with an ammunition and keys from doors
IDSPISPOPD in game doom you may pass through walls
IDCHOPPERS you can read the ciphered message
IDBEHOLDA a cheat code in game doom includes a mode of an automatic map at game
IDBEHOLDR a cheat code in game doom will give an antiradiating costume
IDBEHOLDL receive in game doom light-amplification visor the device of night vision
IDDT a cheat code in game doom for switching modes of a map: usual, completely Open, completely an open map with show of subjects and enemies
IDBEHOLD the code in game doom will give a cheat berserker pack
IDBEHOLDV a cheat code in game doom for time invulnerability
IDBEHOLDI will give invisibility for a while
IDCLEVxy carry on a level y (1-9) sequence x (1-3) for game Doom
IDMYPOS will show you coordinates and a direction of movement at game doom


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Game doom is one of the first games of a genre action for fans to do some shooting from any kind of the weapon, thus not causing anybody of evil and not departing from The screen of the computer. In translation the word doom has some concepts, but they converge in one: death, execution, the death sentence and other definitions which obviously specify character of game doom. As a matter of fact doom it is game a thriller in which it is necessary you, using any accessible arms to kill various monsters as for example the big flying skulls and to that similar supernatural essences. You as all and try to kill everything, but you have opportunity to restore health with the help of first-aid sets or you may use a cheat codes for game doom. Rules doom are simple, as well as in any game of such type (for example game Quake) - you go on labyrinthes of rooms and in general strange places, shoot at all that goes or in general to everything, select for road the new weapon, an ammunition, everyones useful items such as a costume for circulation on an acid and first-aid sets for restoration of health of your hero. Game doom consists of three game missions, in each of which on 9 levels. At the end of each level of you the meeting with the strongest monster expects (the boss of a level of game doom), each following monster is little bit stronger previous and it is natural that to the ending of game doom you are expected with the most rigid fight, but you with each level doom are collected experience as you may take advantage a cheat of codes for game doom and you are waited undoubtedly with a victory. Game doom can be bought on disks for the computer and games hookups, or free-of-charge to download doom on sites in the Internet, it is especial if you have program such as emule or edonkey for to download in piring networks.

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