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doom 3

During game doom 3 press on the keyboard of the computer of a key Ctrl + Alt + ~ (tilde) , the console for input of codes will appear

For recording video of a roller from doom 3 type aviDemo
The cheat doomhell will allow to jump a code at once to last level doom 3
freeze a cheat a code for frosts of all moving objects
god a cheat a code of immortality in game doom 3
noclip enables to pass through walls of rooms
notarget a cheat the code gives invisibility
give all to receive everything, that it is possible in game doom 3
give keys a cheat the code gives keys from all doors (it is not necessary to run and search)
give weapon-machinegun a cheat a code for reception of an automatic gun
give weapon-shotgun the weapon for the hero doom 3
give weapon-plasmagun a cheat a code for reception of a plasma gun
give weapon-chainsaw the circular saw to saw enemies in doom 3

doom 3

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Long time fans aggressive shooting (run-and-gun action game), especially preferring versions doom and doom 2 with impatience waited for occurrence Promised by developers of the computer games, new game from a series of thrillers to shoot. Game doom 3, created for computers and game consoles Various types (playstation 2, xbox, psp, game cube), has left only after four years after occurrence doom 2. Differing from the progenitrixes Magnificent cursor, sound and tremendous the graphic in 3D a format game doom 3 at once has eclipsed all games of similar type. In doom to 3 you it is not simple It is necessary to run on corridors and to wet opposite monsters though all the same it is necessary to make the most part of game, you have specific target. Action of game doom 3 on mars where there are laboratories on manufacture of water for earthmen begins and passes. You arrive with the command sea Infantrymen and at once learn about loss of one scientist. Your task in the beginning of game doom 3 to find the disappeared scientist after you will find out him, You learn that the complex of laboratories was attacked by monsters from a hell. Everything else time at passage doom to 3 you is necessary to struggle with these The natives of the hell who has been thought up by founders of game doom. For passage of game doom 3 players found a cheat codes which facilitate struggle with Monsters also allow to pass game doom 3 with the least nervous shocks. For interested persons to try itself in a role of the hero saving The mankind from evil, is sites where it is possible to download doom 3 free-of-charge. Except for sites, game doom 3 free-of-charge can be downloaded in a P2P networks, Programs emule or edonkey, one of links for free-of-charge to download games.

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doom 3

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