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doom 2

IDDQD Cheat code of invulnerability of the hero in doom 2
IDFA the weapon in game doom 2
IDKFA door keys and the weapon
IDCHOPPERS the weapon and an encryption from the centre
IDDT a cheat code for inclusion of all kinds of a map in doom 2
IDBEHOLD berserker pack for the hero doom 2
IDBEHOLDV invulnerability on short time
IDBEHOLDI a cheat the code gives short-term invisibility
IDBEHOLDA a cheat the code includes an automatic map in doom 2
IDBEHOLDR a cheat code for reception of a costume against radiation
IDBEHOLDL the device of night vision for the hero doom 2
IDMYPOS a site and a direction of movement of the hero doom 2

IDMUSxx Cheat a code for input of a code of a level, instead of ?? type the following:
Initial level (00) code INTROA
The first level doom 2 RUNNIN
The second level of game STALKS
The third level doom 2 COUNTD
The fourth BETWEE
Code of fifth level DOOM
Cheat a code of sixth level THE-DA
The seventh level doom 2 SHAWN
Transition to eighth level DDTBLU
The ninth level doom 2 IN-CIT
The tenth DEAD
Cheat a code for eleventh level STLKS2
The twelfth level doom 2 THEDA2
Transition to thirteenth level DOOM2
Cheat a code of the fourteenth DDTBL2
Fifteenth "floor" doom 2 RUNNI2
Cheat a code of sixteenth level DEAD2
Seventeenth "line" STLKS3
The eighteenth level doom 2 ROMERO
Cheat a code of nineteenth level SHAWN2
Code of twentieth "floor" MESSAG
Cheat a code of the twenty first level doom 2 COUNT2
Pass on the twenty second level doom 2 DDTBL3
Twenty third "line" AMPIE
Transition to twenty fourth level TEHDA3
Twenty fifth "floor" doom 2 ADRIAN
Cheat a code of twenty sixth "floor" MESSG2
Code on the twenty seventh level doom 2 ROMER2
Cheat a code for pass on twenty eighth level TENSE
Transition to the twenty ninth level doom 2 SHAWN3
The thirtieth OPENIN
The thirty first level of game EVIL
Thirty second "floor" doom 2 ULTIMA
Cheat a code for transition to thirty third level READ-M
The thirty fourth level doom 2 DM2TTL
Cheat a code of thirty fifth "line" doom 2 DM2INT

doom 2

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Game doom was one of the first where you should show skills of possession of the weapon and coolly, a level behind a level to kill awful monsters. Later many games of such type have appeared, but doom perhaps began the most popular. Seeing such interest game doom, and in the first days Its existence, developers of computer games have decided to issue continuation of this to shoot - kill. Doom 2 has appeared in one year after an output of the first Versions. As a matter of fact in doom 2 many players have not seen anything new except for additional levels of already grown fond game and occurrence new supernatural Characters. Actually differences all the same are is improved the graphic (computers develop prompt rates), more various The landscape and design of rooms, the multiuser game of an online and still is a lot of the differences which are not evident at the first sight on doom 2. Developed Not only computers, but also game consoles and naturally that to fans action games on consoles too would not be desirable to remain without such popular game as doom 2, therefore developers of games have pleased also them too. For those who dreams to play in doom 2, but may not buy a disk with game, there are in the Internet sites where It is possible to download doom 2 free-of-charge. As to download doom 2 it is possible in a P2P networks special programs such as edonkey.

doom 2
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