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For an opportunity of use a cheat of codes in game counter strike it is necessary (~) to cause a key a tilde the console and to write sv-cheats 1
After that to start game anew and now in game counter strike, having caused the console it is possible to enter a cheat codes

map (a name of a map) - a cheat the code allows to change maps
impulse101 - a cheat the code gives in game counter strike money
sv-gravity XXX - management of gravitation instead of XXX parameter "-999" cleans gravitation, "999999" - normal gravitation
sv-aim - a cheat a code of an automatic sight of a sniper rifle in game counter strike
gl-zmax 0 - the code enables to see a cheat through walls and to shoot through them
gl-zmax 3600 - a cheat the code in game counter strike cancels an opportunity of "transparent" walls
cl-forwardspeed 999 - a cheat a code for increase of speed of advance in game counter strike
cl-backspeed 999 - a cheat a code for increase of speed of movement back in game counter strike
cl-sidespeed 999 - a cheat a code for increase of speed of movement in the sides in game counter strike

counter strike - cs

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In result of very big popularity of game half life, left in 1998, authors of game thought up very interesting decision on creation Versions of game counter strike, on motives of game half life, but as against the progenitrix counter strike it was created for game in a mode of an online, in The single or in structure of the command. Above creation of game counter strike for all time the game companies such as Valve, Sierra, Microsoft worked some And versions counter strike were issued both for computers and for game consoles. Because above creation counter strike worked Some companies, now exist some the basic versions for an online of game between players or in structure of the command on game servers counter strike. Each game version counter strike is distinguished with the game landscapes, kinds of the weapon, that many years does shooting counter strike the most popular game in the Internet. Versions of game counter strike free-of-charge can be downloaded on many sites in the Internet which give not only The description of game, but also opportunity to download various versions counter strike, patches to game, and as an opportunity to play in a mode of an online, sometimes for Money.
the most important advice(councils) on game counter-strike:
Take into account that an online game counter strike (CS) and game Quake completely different strategy though concern to one genre - action shooting, at game in CS on the first place there should be a logic and care at conducting operations.
Remember, that playing counter strike the command, it is necessary to make common cause, covering each other

As game counter strike, patches, music, the photo free-of-charge can download in networks p2p programs emule and edonkey various versions. Two links on free-of-charge to download counter-strike (CS)

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counter-strike ( cs )

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