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counter-strike 1.6 | cs 1.6

At game counter-strike 1.6 cause the console, having pressed the keyboard of the computer a key [~] a tilde and enter a cheat codes

changelevel XXX a cheat a code of change of a map (instead of XXX name of a map in game counter-strike 1.6)
impulse101 a cheat the code gives money in game cs 1.6 on the account of the player
givespaceweapon-awp a cheat a code for the superconfidential weapon
sv-gravity X - a cheat the code changes gravitation (X =-999 there is no gravitation, X = 999999 normal gravitation)
sv-aim - a cheat a code of switching of single shots from a rifle on an automatic mode
give weapon-XXX - a cheat the code gives any weapon in game counter-strike 1.6 (XXX = the name of the weapon)
gl-zmax 0 - the code allows to see a cheat through walls
cl-forwardspeed 999 - a cheat a code of speed of progress forward in game cs 1.6
cl-backspeed 999 - a cheat a code of speed of progress back
cl-sidespeed 999 - a cheat a code of speed of progress in the sides in game cs 1.6

counter strike 1.6 - cs 1.6

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Counter Strike 1.6 - the new version of popular command game in an online a mode, developed by company Valve and pleased admirers of a genre action shooting. Game counter strike 1.6 or simply cs 1.6 is made even more real and the players playing the previous versions, have estimated it On advantage. Built - in in game counter strike 1.6 module STeam2 is faster than in the previous versions finds accessible the server for game, is connected To the free game server automatically and itself will carry out updating of maps, arms and other resources which are added in game counter strike 1.6. Popularity of game counter strike has reached that in the Internet of steel will be carried out competitions of commands among players, admirers of game counter strike 1.6, In some cases competitions on cs 1.6 have rather quite good prize-winning fund. Very interestingly and with a plenty of participants of steel To pass in a number of cities of the world team championships on counter strike 1.6 so in the beginning of December, 2005 of competition were carried out in Europe. To such attention game counter strike 1.6 is obliged to that besides all game advantages version 1.6 CS is possible, free-of-charge to download on a heap the Internet Sites and in networks ?2?. In the same place to game counter strike there are sets of maps, sound effects and many other things, though certainly serious game onlines Portals buy programs for counter strike 1.6 from the manufacturer and access of players for game in a mode of an online is carried out on a paid basis. Also now game counter strike is included into the majority of disks from computer shooting Half life, to it counter strike is obliged by the occurrence. The link on to download counter strike 1.6 in a P2P networks the program emule or edonkey.



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