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During game counter-strike 1.5 press on the keyboard of the computer a key [~] a tilde and in appeared console may enter a cheat codes

cheat code changelevel XXX allows to replace a map (instead of XXX name of a map of a level counter-strike 1.5)
cheat code impulse101 gives on your account in game cs 1.5 money
Cheat code givespaceweapon-awp for reception of the special weapon
Cheat code sv-gravity X - varying gravitation (X from-999 up to 999999)
cheat code sv-aim - switches fire of a sniper rifle from single shots to automatic turns
cheat code give weapon-XXX - gives any weapon (instead of XXX name of the weapon for counter-strike 1.5)
cheat code gl-zmax 0 - does walls transparent
cheat code gl-zmax 3600 - cancels a transparency of walls in counter-strike 1.5
cheat code cl-forwardspeed 999 - changes speed of advance in game cs 1.5
cheat code cl-backspeed 999 - changes speed of movement back
cheat code cl-sidespeed 999 - changes speed of movement in the sides in game counter-strike 1.5

counter strike 1.5 - cs 1.5

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counter strike 1.5 - the updated version of an online of game CS in which developers of computer games have corrected some mistakes of the first version, have added New maps of scripts. Game counter strike 1.5 consists of several game missions in which you may play to the command of terrorists or on the side The special services struggling with terrorism. In the beginning of each mission counter strike 1.5 you should buy to yourselves the weapon and an ammunition. But take into account, That game counter strike 1.5 is very realistic and having bought itself a heavy machine gun, a helmet, reserves a pomegranate and so forth, you because of weight of ammunition Lose mobility. Each mission of game counter strike 1.5 is fastened on a plot on one concrete task:
To kill VIP the person (AS) - if you in counter strike 1.5 play for the command of an alfa, you should protecting important person to deliver her (him) in The certain place alive. At participation in the command of terrorists in cs 1.5 your task to kill the important person.
To rescue hostages. (CS) - the command of an alfa in game counter strike 1.5 should rescue hostages who were grasped by terrorists and want them to kill
To blow up the purpose (DE) players of an online of game counter strike 1.5, playing for the command of an alfa should prevent to terrorists to blow up the important strategic object
Runaway (ES) . In this task in game counter strike 1.5 task of terrorists to escape from an alfa and to reach in the certain place, an alfa should prevent Him in it
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