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At game a civilization press on the keyboard of the computer [Shift] and type(collect) in succession figure: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
After that all will open not an open map and in game a civilization you can sell buildings of the opponent, not resorting to a mode of a deceit.

At game a civilization press and hold pressed a key [Alt] and during this action press a key [R] on the keyboard of the computer
You can kill anyone, resisting to you in game a civilization, the leader

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Game a civilization in a genre of economic strategy, after an output on monitors of computers, at once has subdued hearts of players of all world. In this strategy From the company micro prose you should create and deduce in leaders the civilization, having overcome numerous difficulties as enemies, revolt The dissatisfied population because of lack of the foodstuffs. In game also There are elements of development as clips telling about achievements of mankind. Very interesting moment in game the civilization is Choice of political model of your state. For years after the output game the civilization has occupied leading positions among games in a genre Strategy because first of all the direction of game is designed for logic instead of war with other peoples. Game a civilization was designed On Ms-Dos environment.

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