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That not using a mode of a deceit to start game the civilization 3 with 100000 gold coins at start of game choose the leader and name him Leemur

For a never-ending stock of gold in game a civilization 3 it is necessary to edit in any text editor a file script.slc (only for versions of game Civilization 3 on computers)
This file lays in a folder with the established game a civilization 3:
At the end of a file write the following:
trigger 'DOR-T-Give-Gold' when (IsHumanPlayer (g.player) **
( < =200000))
AddGold (g.player, 1000000);

For an opportunity to see all map and to have an opportunity to make changes in enemy cities in game a civilization 3,
Start game as usually, keep, named the kept game "multi" and start game a civilization 3, having loaded just kept.

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Successes of game of a civilization 2 have pushed authors of game on creation of 3 series of economic strategy under the name a civilization 3. This time founders of game have taken Direction above improvement graphics and input of new constructions in game. As a whole it is possible to tell that games a civilization 2 and a civilization 3 do not differ almost for Exception graphics, sounds and kinds of constructions. On my taste I for example expected from game a civilization 3 much more., but for people before not playing in Early versions of game likely the civilization 3 began some kind of opening of a way of construction of the model of the world where the greater emphasis is made on construction of buildings, Roads and types of transport, some kind of variant of game caesar. As well as in the previous versions in game a civilization 3 educational clips are inserted. On It the description of games from a series a civilization could be finished, but the generation brought up on first three versions of a civilization has grown and began in a status On the to look at creation of the world, having issued in November, 2005 game a civilization 4.

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