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The first version of game a civilization has so subdued hearts of players, that company Micro Prose seeing popularity of the game and, marching in step in due course has issued Game a civilization 2. This new game as in a genre of strategy differs from a civilization 1 improved the graphic, and due to development of computers, past For this time the civilization 2 has gone in windows environment and for game consoles such as playstation. In game a civilization 2 at you the greater has appeared Choice of game missions and game adjustments, kinds of military groups and civilians. As in game the civilization 2 has appeared an opportunity to start The spacecraft sent on settling of other planets and galaxies. Game due to development of computers was enriched with video clips and Sound effects. New game missions and characters have appeared some, in game a civilization 2 very interesting the moments became possible inclusion Mode of a deceit. How many players with gratitude to address of founders Games a civilization 2 recollect night spent for passage of this strategy. And expecting for occurrence on light of the new version of game a civilization 3.

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