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For application in game battlefield 1942 cheat of codes needs to be pressed during game a tilde (~) and after that to enter a cheat codes

aiCheats.code Tobias. Karlsson - a cheat the code will give you in game battlefield 1942 omnipotence
aiCheats.code Jonathan. Gustavsson - the code in battlefield will kill this cheat of all bots
aiCheats.code Thomas. Skoldenborg - a cheat the code in battlefield will help you to kill a bot
aiCheats.code BotsCanCheatToo - a cheat codes for bots in game battlefield 1942
aiCheats.code TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgrammer - a cheat the code will open level AI in battlefield 1942
aiCheats.code WalkingIsWayTooTiresome - a cheat the code will throw you on a new position in game battlefield.

battlefield 1942

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Game battlefield 1942 from company Electronic Arts is a fighting strategy which transfers the player to many years back, in times world war II. Excellent the graphic of this 3D action in battlefield 1942, well traced characters and military engineering of all countries will allow you To feel itself on a field of battles. Developers of game in battlefield 1942 use the data about real battles, which by the importance in a course Military actions, are world renowned. In game battlefield 1942 you may battle in any military units: aircraft, tank armies, infantry, Artillery, sea landing. Due to the realness and a fascinating plot game battlefield 1942 at once has won not only admirers action games, But also in general all players of the world that has induced the company electronic arts in 2004 and 2005 to issue continuations of game battlefield 1942 under names: battlefield vietnam (war in Vietnam), battlefield 2 - military strategy becoming a hit of the end of 2005. Game battlefield 1942, music, screenshots and video Clips from this game now can be downloaded free-of-charge on servers on an exchange of files between Internet users, having established for this purpose to itself on The computer the free-of-charge program emule or edonkey. Game battlefield 1942 has two branches from the basic plot, with additional game Missions under names: Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II and Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome, created for game on the computer as Company Electronic Arts.
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