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Aces Over Europe - hints, cheats, codes

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BATAT - Having typed this cheat a code during game, you completely restore health of the pilot
DADS - a code for game Aces Over Europe, giving the utmost equipment of the plane
QUARTS - this cheat the code gives invisibility to the plane in game Aces Over Europe

Aces Over Europe  - hints, cheats, codes

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Aces Over Europe game in genre Action, arcade created by company Dynamix in far 1993 for game in Ms-Dos environment, release of game Aces Over Europe On disks company Sierra Entertainment, Inc has provided. Game Aces Over Europe is made in spirit of the best airsimulators and in it is possible to play In network variant. Now game can be found an airsimulator on a number of sites where it can be loaded free-of-charge or on disks with collections of games. Flights in game an airsimulator rather interesting due to good the graphic and to a soundtrack, some tasks rather complex(difficult), But here to you will help given game cheat for this game.


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