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Cheats codes in race of jeeps 4x4 Evolution are applied so
1000000 dollars for purchase of machines at game 4x4 Evolution:
During game 4x4 Evolution print without inverted commas a word "goldfinger". If all will be typed without mistakes, the sound signal will sound, giving to understand that at you one million for game in 4x4 Evolution.
soon will appear For acknowledgement(confirmation) of receipt of one million on your account enter without inverted commas a code "givememoneyordie". The victorious sound of fanfares will confirm that you successfully Have deceived a toy 4x4 Evolution and have enough money for purchase of machines. To see changes you should leave from race of jeeps 4x4 Evolution for the main menu, there you and will see your money earned by such work. Developers of game have made so, that unfortunately the money "earned" by such heavy work at game 4x4 Evolution do not increase, and may not exceed The sum of one million plus that you have really earned in the fair way during races in this game.

Application of codes in race of jeeps 4x4 Evolution

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4x4 Evolution - Races on jeeps from company Terminal Reality, with well drawn design, various routes, a wide range Machines for participation in races 4x4 Evolution. Skilful application cheat codes at game in 4x4 Evolution safely allows to break and distort automobiles in time Races - money for purchase of new machines in 4x4 Evolution at you always will be, and you will not suffer. So safely use this simulator of autoraces On jeeps 4x4 Evolution.


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