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Reception of advantages in game 1602 A.D.
Codes in game 1602 A.D. are applied in such order:
Start game 1602 A.D. and press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + [W], further below type(collect) a code "2061" and safely press ENTER.
Now press [A], and further again ENTER:
shift+m = money in game 1602 A.D.
shift+z = bricks for construction
shift+k = a gun for defense against enemies in 1602 A.D.
shift+h = a tree to build buildings
shift+t = tools for construction in game 1602 A.D.

As you see pc game cheat code 1602 A.D. very simple

pc game cheat code 1602 A.D.

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1602 A.D. - a new remake of popular game in Germany under name Anno 1602, has appeared in 1998 from company GT Interactive. Well drawn and interesting strategy in spirit of such known games as Colonization, Caesar III and Settlers. In game 1602 A.D. you are some kind of Christopher Columbus to which should open, master and construct the state on one of Islands of New world.


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